Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, June 14, 2010

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Hey it's Chewy with another addition of the surf report... It is Monday and the swell is firing. We surfed the outer reef and it was macking! We have to thanks Scott Serfas professional photographer, oversized hat wearer, swimmer inner and all around award winning guy. He shoots some amazing stuff and always ends up with some great stuff.

This is one of my buddys Sam from the Ripzone crew bottom turning on a beast. This kid was charging pretty hard! Next time Sammy without the baggies! that would be a trick.

This is Shannon another one of the Ripzone kids pulling in to a scary barrel! I bet this looks easy haha, think again.

Here's Jefe Carlos pulling into a Burro. We were the only people that wanted a piece of outer reef today (at least that gave it a check). We had a couple boats pull up watch for a minute and take off! Nice!

Shannon (who is not a girl) was not being a girl! He was catching a bunch of waves! Although he is a girl at many other things including crochet, growing roses and modeling.

We checked a couple of other waves and after some hair experiences caught some other waves firing. Check Sam out... doing his best impersonation of a scorpion tail. Sorry about the bug in your bag Scott, all in good fun.

Carl was on fire! He didn't even break a board! Keep Charging hard Carl! check this turn, he is keeping up with the best of them.

Got to leave you with one of those sick outer reef waves rolling through unridden. If you think your man enough to try it, think again. See you tomorrow! Chewy out!

We also had a few nice sized waves coming in at one of our favorite spots somewhere in the pacific coast.  When we got there nobody else was out and the light was perfect for photos, so we thought that we were going to have an epic day.  Check it out!

Pancho had the entire lineup to himself for about 2 hours.  Here he is just seconds away from fun.  Hey Chewy, do you remember this wave?  Chewy die, chewy die, last year dude!!!

Hold on, there was another guy out, but this one was not surfing because it was swimming!

Here we have Pancho one more time digging a deep bottom turn on this nice sized set wave.  He was so stoked because he scored a few fun ones on his own.

Since nobody else besides Pancho was out, there were many empty ones rolling in with no takers.  What a shame, uh!  It was also a pity that the sky got pretty dark but that didn’t stop us from taking photos.

Later on, Oliver “El Monito” Solis showed out so excited to catch some good ones.  A good kiss it always a good sign of luck when you paddle out.  That’s what Oliver said!

Caleb “El Matador” was working on his backside style at this spot.  Here he is dropping in on this one with a sweet style. 

On the last shot of the day we have Oliver with his signature move, huge front side turn.  It seems like that kiss work well dude, because at least you didn’t hit the rocks on this one.  More waves on tab for tomorrow so make sure to check us back out.