Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, June 13, 2022

Hey everybody and welcome back for another daily surf report! Unfortunately the storm that was a brewing has begun to hit our coast and it brought those unfavorable onshore winds. After a few days of epic fun waves it looks like we will be stuck with a few days of undesirable conditions. Check it out..

There was one guy out this morning dealing with the onshore and actually ripping regardless

You can clearly see the difference between today and the last few though, no barrels today :/

What about last year this time.. OMG yeah that's more the norm around these parts

Paddled back out and got another..

Wah Paw! haha nice surfing my dude, true commitment

I will say about the stormy weather though, the overcast makes it like 10 degrees cooler and gosh does that feel nice

Nice weather to take morning horse ride on the beach :)

A couple of my favorite people right here!! Checking out the waves and maybe not what they had hoped for but they're here for a while so surely they'll be scoring again when it cleans up. Cheers ya'll thank you for coming by and checking us out! We'll be back manana with more highlights and fingers crossed we get a nice window of surf.. you never know. Cheers