Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, June 13, 2019

Good morning everybody! Parker again checking in with some morning shots. Though the swell dropped, we have some good stuff to share with you. Stay informed and check out what we got!!

Nuts and bolts of today’s conditions: swell dropped, winds are offshore, the sky is beautiful (it shouldn’t rain later), and the crowds were mellow. We’re happy to rest after a long stint of pumping surf…

Johnny G, on the other hand, doesn’t waste a day of surf. Whenever you see him side stepping up his board, you know good things are coming.

One step closer…

We need to put him in the Steez Master long boarder group too! It’s always fun to share a lineup with this hombre and watch how he surfs a (normally) heavy beach break on his TJ Firewire.

Speaking of the Gilems, Joan pointed out the butterflies yesterday. I didn’t realize it until today but I swear there were almost 200 of them flying around the square acre at the beach club!

Alright, the surf wasn’t anything epic and I wasn’t seeing any locals or residents tearing it up. How about we continue showing surf pictures (I mean, it was a gorgeous morning) but we’ll keep you informed about everything going outside of the water. Sound good?

Let’s start with Artemisa. Ivana, as some of y’all may know as the former beach club bartender, is spear heading a 24/7 animal clinic just around the corner. I don’t want to steal her thunder nor distract you from scrolling through her website so I’ll settle on saying she has a huge heart for animals and is fulfilling a desperate need. Watch the video, go to her website, and if you’re interested, reach out to her so y’all can make this a reality.

Piggy packing off her nonprofit, let’s mention CREA. Their goal is to empower and educate Nicaraguans to foster a brighter future. In order to fundraise, they are holding a raffle and I highly recommend purchasing your tickets. I mean, airfare credit/transports, 7 free nights in Santana, spa treatments, and horseback tours don’t sound too too bad, huh? Check out their website and send $100 their way to purchase your tickets! 

Let’s stay parked in Rancho Santana while we discuss their upcoming Culinary Weekend. Have you heard about it or seen the delicious food pictures they’ve posted? To bring you up to speed, it will be centered around beverages and they are proud to welcome San Juan del Sur Cerveceria, LiveNutritionals, and two of Los Angeles’s Natural Wine experts Erin Sylvester and Jessie for an outstanding weekend of food and drink. Go to their Facebook event for more information including the schedule.

I mentioned beer, right? At least the Cerveceria. Did y’all hear about the Iguana Brewery opening inside the neighborhood? If you haven’t, you need to swing by! The place looks awesome, the beer is cold, and the people running it are top notch. Swing by for happy hour or to watch GSW tonight force a game 7 on Sunday.

Let’s move back to the beach club. With a low tide and the epic sunsets we’ve had, you can find a dozen of us around this volleyball court later. Volleyball, community, and margaritas/pina coladas from the nearby bar… Sounds horrible, right??

Every morning, the local crew preps the beach club for y’all. Cleaning the pool, refilling the foot washes, cleaning the surrounding areas, and preparing the court. That means you can stretch out on these shaises to read a book, watch the surf, or crush the delicious $5 happy hour chicken nachos (yes please!).

You’ll also see a lot more of these little ones running around with all their friends.

Can I leave you on this nug of a right? Squeeze in tight or paint the face down the line. Ok damas and caballeros, we’re going to wrap up the report and start thinking about the weekend: fun small surf, our 9 hole golf course, and sunset happy hour. You know where to find us… Dale pues amigos!!