Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Hello everybody! This is Parker welcoming you to the surf report for Southern Nicaragua. The waves were pumping this morning so fasten your seat belt and enjoy!

Did you see the reports the past few days? We had a juicy groundswell that lit up the coast. Because it’s on its way down, the beachies are starting to open up more.

Literally, opening up and throwing.

By the end of this report, you’re going to know Evan Tyson and Kai DeLorenzo very well. Evan here, tucked in a perfect nug.

Evan, where’s the air reverse or man hack claim?! Not to worry folks, we’re just getting started with these two…

So if you haven’t figured out, this report is going to be filled with barrels. Kai slipping into this right.

But he’s really progressed his surfing since I saw him last year. Check out his idea of SUBUing this morning.

Ok, rotation is looking good! We’re doing alright…

Rotation looks great and getting close to figuring out that landing. Last year, I remember him being a tube hound but I don’t remember a lot of airs thrown. How’s his surfing going to look next year??? I can’t wait to find out.

I want to throw in something else too. Yes ok, tubes, airs, and a strong rail game… His arsenal is full of weapons. But did you know that Kai is also in the gifted aerospace academy? How many competitive ripper groms value their education that much? My hats off to you bro, for more than just your surfing.

Evan has a few tricks up his sleeve too.

You know what report I’m also excited to check out later? Tony Roberts does a daily Playa Colorado video on @playacolorado. He will show off some additional great material too (and a catchy trademark whistle).

How’s this low tide beast?? I love this beach when it works on mid and higher tide (bigger size and usually longer lines!) but low tide has the best shape and heaviest curtains.

Though the swell direction favored rights, some sick lefts came through. Keep your eyes peeled (and look where others aren’t) and you might be score a fun one.

Buttttt I want the rights… There are enough other lefts throughout this beautiful country!

Speaking of lefts, I thought Kai was about to sneak into this one. Actually, I think all of us were thinking that.

No hombre!! Backdooring it deeper than anybody else goes!! Who cares if you didn’t make it- you made your dad proud and charged into that thing.

Evan doesn’t mind pushing the limits. Maybe that’s why this 13 year old is winning the under 17 ESA championships??

Maybe not making it either, but locked in, enjoying the view, and giving it a full send.

Yeah Evan!! Keep the stoke going and keep showing off epic barrel faces!!

Man, how many more barrels do we want to show off? A few more if y’all don’t mind…

I was amped to see Rutciel out there. But, she always steps into the octagon and hangs with the boys. Good on ya Rutciel!

I’m going to start running out of captions for these beauties. How about everything is perfect about this photo except the sand and foam distorting the wave color? Otherwise, not a drop out of place.

My friend Drake always slips down here for a surf trip. Normally, the older men drag him down (Hi Greg!) but him and a buddy pulled the trigger this time. Ohh yeah, Drake is also 6ft + AND squeezing into that thing. Thanks bro for showing me how it’s done!

His friend surfs really well too. Normally we slip under those critical sections for a tubito but he would rather stuff one under the lip and spray the lineup.

One last little tube to show off for y’all!

Groms (well I think “men” is a better title for these two), thanks for making my photography job easy today! Y’all crushed it and showed off some impressive surfing. St. Augustine Florida has a bright future.

Hey, and thank you to all of our daily viewers too. Seriously, we appreciate y’all checking out our reports. 

A note for our local community and those guests who are in country now: The surf shop will be closed Thursday June, 14 in observance of the National Strike called for by the Civic Alliance and in of support of the brave Nicaraguan people who have (and continue to) put their lives on the line for a peaceful future, one in which the basic human rights of self determination, freedom of expression, assembly, and press are protected by duly elected representatives.  We share this vision with our adopted community and appreciate your continued support. The surf shop will return to normal operating schedule of 8:30-5:30 on Friday, June 15. Thank you for your continued support and love for Nicaragua.