Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lots of rain and smaller waves down here in Nicaragua today.  We got some crazy rain since last night all the way through today, the waves were running about chest to shoulder high on the bigger sets and the winds were straight offshore.  Check it out!

It was really tough to get some photos today, it is a good thing we have the NSR Beach House right out front of this spot.  Unknown rider nabbing a nice peeler!

A couple of rippers made it out and they were having a good time.  Unknown  guy about to throw the lip off the back on this little section.

We had a few ladies in the lineup doing their thing.  Check out Melany dropping into a nice sized right.

This little kid owned the show out in the lineup.  Check him out going big with a cool little floater.

We hope to have better conditions tomorrow so stay tuned with us....Peace!