Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hello and wellcome again to another weekend of surf from Nicaragua. We were talking about waves and swell with good offshore wind and all that. Well check it out what the ocean have for us this sunday.

There are waves all day, but we always try to show you the best. Here are some waves during the low tide. Enjoy the report.

The waves are six feet high already. The speed of the waves not are to fast and the shape is awesome.

Lester was in some sick barrels. This peak have more than therty good waves rolling for about an hour.

Also there are a bunch of left. Here is Michael Doan riding one of his left with tubes from the afternoon.

Bryan was getting in some of that left. I was taking photos when the tide start to push in and the waves were powerfull.

The left,,,,Hhooooo check this left. Today is probably one of the best day for surf during this year.

Check how are coming the walls to the beach and how J. J. Kerson kill this wave. The takeoff was from the shoulder of this wave in this case.

He get the position and the wave was rolling perfect until the end. I have a tons of photos of good barrels, but I will post the best.

Lester like always get the best left of the afternoon. No kidding!!!.

He is fortunate for always have waves like this one. He choice the best wave all the time.

A lot of the people in the line up have his perfect wave of the weekend. Even this small barrel looks super fun.

Here is one of the good right with Lester. The Waves were open and spitting in a lot of occasion.

He choice to be in that peak and he know why. Almost every wave to he get was a perfect ten.

This is how the surfers were making the waves. After to made the drop they need to start stopping dragging the hands for rest the extra speed and be in the packed in the wave.

Was easy to see the door of the barrel. This beach break is world class wave and today I believe have one of the best wave in all the pacific coast.

Pancho Sanchez was in one of the dirty barrels of the afternoon. When the waves start hitting the shallow part of the beach were having a thick lip.

One of the other point we have in this beach were ten feet hi already. How big will go in the next days!!!!????

How is this surfer? You can't see him because is too deep in the tube.

And now?. Here is coming out of one of the best barrels of this session.

The offshore wing is like a dream right now. The waves have a perfect glazing. Check here Steffi Kerson touching the wall in this wave looking for a barrel.

Well, the best wave was for Solei, she take this wave in the very outside when was ten foot high and here is when the waves is almost in the beach. Have a good day and check the report tomorrow. Armando Lopez is out.