Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, June 11, 2013

HI there, this is Lucha Libre Garcia here with your Tuesday surf report at the third day of the ISA World Junior contest at Playa Jiquiliste.  The waves were a tad smaller today, the winds were straight offshore and the water was nice.  Check it out!!!

Unfortunately it wasn't the best of news for the Nica team today.  Several more of our competitors were eliminated today and now we only have two alive.  Jackson Obando and Oscar Espinoza.  Kevin Cortez the one of the photo, had a pretty good chance but we had a weird call on the last wave for a guy from France that took him down!

The Nica Team was supporting each other with flag and cheers.  This is the first time for Nica in a world junior surfing contest and it has been a great experience with the grommets experiencing the best international talent.

This is not an easy contest, we have lots of sick surfers from all over the world.  Hard to say who is going to take the crown!

The lefts were predominating the lineup and actually there were a few nice waves to get slotted.  A surfer from Salvador getting some shade!

The lefts were predominating the lineup big time, but there were also some fun rights to shred.  Way to go fella!

Sequence of the day goes to this kid from Argentina.  Shot 1, about to bust a sick maneuver!

Just about to grab the rail!

Holding the rail and looking for the best spot to land it!

Inertia time!

Amazing, uh!

And claiming it!

Lots of sick maneuver all over the place. Unknown rider going big with a cool floatter!

USA's kid sliding the tail off on his backside.  What a sick move!

Lots of waves all over the place. First peak got some magic as well.

A very good crowd got to the beach and they all were having a great time.  Come on down and check it out!

Sick maneuvers all over the place.  Holly mollyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Team Venezuela always supporting their surfers.  Way to go amigos!

Oscar on the last shot of the day, on the wave that took him to the next round with a 7.50, best score for any Nica today.  Please check back tomorrow!