Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hola, hola, hola, this is Lucha Libre Garcia bringing you the Saturday surf report.  The 2011 National Surf Circuit is on, we just finished the first day of competition at Playa Hermosa.  The conditions were nice, chest to head high waves on the bigger sets and nice offshore winds all day long.  Check it out!    

We had many waves like this one rolling all day long.  What a nice leftttttttt!!!

We started the day with the national open, where more than 50 surfers from all over the country and a few gringos went for the victory.  On the first action shot of the day we have Melkis “El Buitre” Sanchez with a cool vertical backside move!

The left was doing its thing, so pretty much everybody wanted to ride the left.  La Baloy Chamorro found a couple of nice sections on a few rights and he did his thing in the first two rounds but he did not make it to the semi finals for tomorrow.

A nice crew came down from Limon 2, here they are posing for the camera to keep the memory.  Buena Onda guys!!!  Are you hungry Chele?  (Guy on the left side of Rosa)

El Boteta Ramos absolutely killed today.  He run the junior and open category and he successfully made it in both to the semis for tomorrow!

The day was super hot, so the girls!!!

This is Jake “The little Rooster” Bowen, one of the few gringos that jumped in to have fun.  Attacking this closed out section!

The kids representing Playa Santana did a nice job today, and a few of them made it for tomorrow’s semis.  Darwin did make it and he’s hoping to get the crown of the first event.

It is nice to have some surf contests during the year, because we get to meet all the locals in one spot, meet some beautiful chicks and get to eat some different food.  Some chicken salad sounds good, uh!

The junior’s heat were commanded by Kevin Cortez, he won all his heats and is ready to obtain the title.  Determination, confidence and a little bit of luck, that’s all you need and he has them all!

We had some time to share with many loveliness girls today, even to make them post for a free NSR advertisement.  Beautiful chick and nice hat for sure!

The day was moving on and the heats were getting tighter.  The screaming heat was in the second round, where Oliver, Rex and Roque “Balboa” Calderon had to battle for a place in the semis.  The first wave of the heat was for Oliver, big turns and sick hacks as always!

Rex took it easy and found his wave of the day.  That’s him in the background right after Oliver’s wave, with his first big backside snap.

Rex “La Bestia “Calderon on the same wave, 6 turns after he made the one on the pic before.  Did I say screaming heat?

Roque “Balboa” Calderon reposed and picked up a sick peeler all the way in to the beach.  Check him out with the man fan spray of the day.  Woooooo, there was water flying all over!!!

At the end of this heat everyone of them was super tired and they were very excited to know the results.  All of them deserved to advance but only two can make it.  Roque and Rex are going to be part of the semis for tomorrow. 

We want to give a special shout out to Sebastian, the new member of the circuit.  He’s only 8 years old and participated in the junior’s category.  Well done buddy!!!

La Gaviota Chamorro had the only barrel of the day, and that’s put him into the semis, going over his brother Luis for 0.5 points in the second round.  Good for you my friend!

We want to throw just one more shot of the many gorgeous chicks we had on the beach today.  If you happen to be around town, stop by and meet a few of them.  Some Corona anyone?

The last shot of the day goes to Mario “El Danino” Martinez smacking the lip of this little nugget.  That’s all for today folks, make sure to check us back out tomorrow and find out who will take the first event.  Lucha out!!!

This just in, they big boys from Surfari Charters has been killing it so far this year. Uno mas a cuenta por favor!!! Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeewwwwwwww!