Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, June 11, 2010

We want to throw a couple of shots in from lastnight at Danna’s birthday party.  If you haven’t had the chance to meet her, she is the youngest Lucha’s daughter, she just turned 1 year old yesterday and we were there enjoying the little party with the kids.  This is Danna Celeste Garcia with her first official shot on NSR.  She looks like her beautiful sister Dagne, don’t you think so?

The party came with a sick BBQ, Ice Cream, Drinks, some candies, a huge piñata and sweet cake to end it up.  Check out this boy trying to kill the poor little piñata.  Hold on man, it is not a baseball!!!

All the kids had a good time, including Safari.  It seems like she is ready to go home, uh!  Hey Chewy we are still keeping some food for you buddy!!!

One last shot of Danna and her mother Luz, sharing this magic moment for ever.  Today the cake had to go over Danna’s face, you gotta remember it is a nica tradition.

Hey guys this is Chewy with the Friday surf report! The waves are small but we made the most of it hitting a bunch of spots and had a great time.

These Canadians love to be in the sun! Until they get burn to a crisp! Ryan started the day white and ended the day a lobster!

Hey man! you should never take a little kids toys and play in the ocean with them! My 5 year old wants them back!

It's official Nicaraguan/Canadian surf festival day! Apparently this guy didn't know! Hey man no ripping unless your Canadian! 

Scott shot a bunch of photos of us early in the day, so later we returned the favor!

Hi my names Helen and I'm a snowboarder... Today I'll be surfing.

Yes I surfed for a little while before taking the helm of the camera! Kid does work!

More beers more cheers, that's it that's all.