Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hey guys it’s time to relax and check out the waves, all the way from Nicaragua. The NSR crew spent the day hangin’ with the Ripzone crew getting a bunch of fun waves. The waves were around shoulder high with some larger sets at the right break.

There weren’t a ton of barrels out there but the “Godfather” being the godfather that he is found a way to sneak into a few. Tomorrow were cutting you off and taking that barrel for ourselves!

“The Flaisian Asian” Sam was ripping it up paddling circles around our out of shape “Guineo”. Dude, ease up off on “Guineo”, he’s sensitive.

“Chewy” was jumping out of his britches cuz he was so stoked about this shot! We wanted to say something mean, but we will just leave you with this; you’re beautiful.

Scott hasn’t surfed in over a year, so we were surprised when he caught some fun waves.  Before Scott we didn’t think there were any good lookin’ Canadians…he obviously proves that!

Sam isn’t just a good surfer he is also a good drinker. Here he is with his underwater beer chug! That’s what we like to see!

Surprisingly Mateo can fit his large mullet into barrels. Unfortunately he can’t find a girl that thinks he’s attractive.

Though the NSR crew’s coolness can never be topped, the Ripzone crew is giving us a good run for our money.  Here are some of the boys chilling on the beach after a solid surf.

Jairo got hungry for some honey today and scoped some honey out of this beehive. Be careful little buddy! Well the swell should be increasing throughout the week so stay tuned!