Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, June 10, 2006

Well, it's another onshore day in Nicaragua. Can you believe it? It's starting to get old for us. Today we've got the Oneil women's pro-team down here doing a photo shoot, television program (on Fuel) trip. That's Rochelle Ballard in the middle (that's right, Nicaragua is bigtime now!). We went to Maderas today and were the only people at the beach. Welcome to Nicaragua ladies, I swear it's usually much better than this.

The waves pretty much sucked but these ladies were RIPPING! I'd really like to check them out in some good waves.

Sorry that I don't remember everyone's name, I'll just put up the pics.

These girls showed up and I tried to talk them out of going surfing today. Nothing doing. They all just wanted to get in the water - always the right thing to do no matter how sloppy it is.

Annie was out, flying the NSR colors on the new board. Very nice.

And not to be shown up, the little man caught a few waves of his own. Who says onshore days can't be fun. Welcome to Nicaragua everybody! It was great to meet you all.

Another onshore wind in Nicaragua, but It's still fun out here surfing the bay with all the locals out there. Waist high and sloppy, this is joung Rex getting pretty fun.

Here is el ZORRO going off the top.

Roque was getting fun too, and he was flying all over the bay.

Check back tomorrow.