Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hey everybody what’s up? It’s “Chewy”, Mateo “Guineo”, and “Come Pan” bringing you the Tuesday surf report. The Pledges want to say “hello” to their mommies! We miss them and love them very much! The waves were alright running about chest high with offshore winds. Being as Florida was about knee high we are all stoked to be here. Check it out!

Eh! We are hanging out with some Canadian rippers! Eh! Check out this air Eh! Ryan was killing it out in the water today, once the wetsuit comes off the airs come out. Eh!

Sam from California was running with the Canadian crew and pulling into some fun waves! Thanks for throwing some baggies on for this wave!

Shannon wasn’t only throwin’ spray, he threw some Canadian bacon on the skillet for breakfast. Sick turn Shannon! Eh!

Matt has been hanging with his buddies for the past week, so, he is a little out of shape. He finally got in the water today, and let the mullet fly! Can someone get that man a scrunchy!

Young Pledge “Chewy” was representing North Florida to the fullest! He has gone a full 48 hours without an Eskimo milkshake! A pledge record… Hang in there pal, we’ll find a Eskimo soon enough!

We headed out this afternoon to this fun, wedgy little left. The local kids have this wave on lock and were killing it! Here is Yumar with a sick shot!

Sam from Rip Zone was ripping all over the place this afternoon.  Here Jairo risked his life, and the life of the camera, to get this shot! SHWAAAAACK!!!

There were a few barrels to be had out there! Right when we walked up this guy snuck through this one.  To bad we couldn’t connect any waves like this today, maybe tomorrow…

Speaking of which, we’re hoping the swell starts to fill in more. We are bringing the RipZone crew around again tomorrow and we want to show them some more sick waves! Alright, take it easy, peace!