Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, June 08, 2008

Welcome to the Sunday Surf report. This is Roberto “Lucha Libre”, Jairo “Come Pan” Panic, and Mateo “Pledge” bringing you the surf action today. We were booked again by our friends from Ponce Inlet Florida and we hooked them up with a ton of shots. The waves were running head high to overhead, with offshore wind, and the water is warm. Check it out!

James was really stoked today to have another opportunity to get some more sick surf shots. He was zealous about taking advantage of us shooting so he was taking off a bunch a waves. Here he is about to air drop on a really pretty looking right.

Here we have an unknown rider getting one of the sickest barrels of the day.

When ever we are shooting at the beach we always take tons of pictures of everyone. So if you are ever down here surfing where we are shooting you should send us an e mail and we will probably be able to hook you up with some pics([email protected]). This is the unknown halfway through the barrel.

And yes, this guy came flying out of this one.

Here is the second guy from the crew, Jimmy, caught here practicing some of his flying abilities. Since he was so excited about his shots a few days ago, today he decided to try and pull off all of his stunts.

Here is a really good shot by “Come Pan” of the lineup at the second spot. The waves were pretty fun here just breaking a little shallow. A few people actually got dragged across the rocks, leaving them with a few nice scars to take home so they can always remember their surf trip to Nicaragua.

This is Bri getting into some of the action. She was real amped to be back at this wave and it definitely showed in her surfing.  She was out surfing a majority of the people in the water today.

Our last client shot of the day goes to Joe.  By the end of the day he was pretty exhausted, but he scrounged up enough energy to make it out for an evening session and score some waves like this. It was a real pleasure working with you guys. We hope to see you all again in the future. Have a safe trip back home and try not to be too jaded from the good waves you got down here in Nicaragua.

The “Pledge” paddled out there for a little evening session and was trying to sneak in a little green room action.

Last shot of the day we got a postcard like picture. “Come Pan” was killing it behind the lens today. Alright thanks for tuning in, the waves should be killer tomorrow so check back!