Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hola amigos and welcome back to the NSR surf report! This is Parker signing in to show you the morning gems so check it out the sick waves!!

The swell filled in yesterday afternoon but the onshores were on it first. We knew we'd wake up today to glassy goodness in our backyard!

Bryce and his crew from California were on it early. With a good breakfast from Hazel, they were ready to rock and roll.

He stuck his line and made it through. Yeah Kelly!!! We think he's surfing a little hard than Steffi but that's just our opinion...

Bryce got a little greedy and went back for round two. Luckily, he and his board survived.

If you can't already tell, this morning was a full fledged barrel fest! The incoming and outgoing tides lived up to their reputation.

Paul Mitchell talks about spicing up the foreground of his photos. At least one of us know how to get some eye candy in the foreground...

I don't know who was throwing more buckets: Carlos Caliente during the morning session or the Splash Brothers in last night's come back win over OKC. Regardless of the winner, Carl was stoked with both!

At the lower tides, the sandbars and water can not absorb the big swell walls. Check it during a mid to higher tide and you'll find peaks and hollow barrels.

Yes, even at high tide, it's hollow and lives up to its name! Do you think he made it?!!?...

Yeah he stuck it!! Jon Pickle is no foreigner to our hollow beach break. Welcome back down and we're stoked to see you again!

Practice makes perfect... so keep visiting every year. Good recovery and nice wave hombre!

Check out Harrison's backsider. Hands down, he's probably the most lively and coolest one out of the Casa Rio crew.

During dodgeball yesterday (our onshore entertainment), he quoted Patches by saying "if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!!" Harrison followed up by saying "if you can dodge an overside bosu ball in the pool, you find a doggy door!!"

This unknown body boarder was committing to these bombs all morning. Although he got crushed a few times, he probably had some of sickest views!

Other chargers were using their surf craft as well. If you want your high res barrel shots, reach out to me at [email protected]

Before you close your browser, check out how green the plants are getting! Do your rain dance so the local community can benefit! Also, thank you guys for checking out today's shot and stayed tuned for more waves tomorrow. Hotstick Hannahs is out!