Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Good afternoon ladies and gents! Parker here logging on today to bring you some shots from the morning. We have some goodies for y'all so click "read more!"

Was it exactly one week ago that I said Los Perros would be green and lush by now? Despite the weather, it looks green and great! Obviously, all those rains have helped out. For today through Friday, it is raining hard and ruining the surf. This may be one of the wettest Mays I've heard people talking about but the surf should be fun by the weekend!

What should we talk about in this picture? The full pool due to 6" of rain every night or that the flowing rivers that are depositing mud into the ocean? Orrrrr maybe the Vietnamese BBQ tonight at Rancho Santana? Shrimp and pork skewers, spring rolls, pork rolls, pho, lemongrass margs., or a tamarind michelada... my head is already there!!! The menu sounds incredible so don't miss your table and call La Finca y El Mar to book your table! If you can't make it this week, stay tuned to hear about next week's lineup.

Or, like these reeling rights, let's keep the good stuff coming. I know y'all have heard about CREA and that's because we love their cause: local literacy and youth education and development. They are hosting a rafal to win a vacation including 7 nights in Casa El Mirador, $1,500 airfare credit, airport transports, spa treatments, horseback tours, and a tour of CREA's operations. Drawings won't happen for two months (July 20th) so I will be blowing this opportunity up every week to keep y'all informed and stoked. Check it out: CREA.

Messy seas, unfavorable wind, and rain (all for the short term!!!) so only a few diamonds in the rough. If you're itching to surf, I always recommend the reef when conditions get tricky.

Who likes to fish? Besides me, Surfari Charters, and the Malambri squad. Let's change gears to see what our neighbors like to do when the winds come onshore.

I met Frank two years ago in the water at the Left. He's always stoked (and putting in his gym time) to be down here. Looks like he scored with this bull! Hopefully the Surfari cooks prepared their famous bacon wrapped mahi.

El Rey de Dorado (Jeff Soderlin) putting both of the Malambri men on some big boys! A year ago, they put me on a massive doo doo. Hence his name...

They always use live bait (pinoleros here). Maybe that, or the cooler full of cold Tonas, is why they are the best in the business. Regardless of the reasons, we'd be stoked to set y'all up on their boat.

Hooking up some YFT too?!?! Families that fish together stay together, right? #FranktheTank

Ohh man I can only imagine how good those sushi rolls or poke bowls are... So, a couple big bull dolphin and a few fat yellow fin pigs... successful day fishing, huh?

AND the Va Pue (their panga) got out and hooked up a sail?!? Surfari crushes it. If you're down here and want to fish, talk to us so we can stoke y'all out with them. As for finishing the report, we appreciate y'all checking out our surf and fish shots. I'm back on duty again tomorrow but I'll make sure we have something interesting to balance out the poor waves. Stay tuned amigos! Dale puesss