Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, May 29, 2010

What up! This is Chewy and Roberto bringing you another installment of the Surf report for Saturday. I stopped by our San Juan office to party it up with the crew for our friend Laura's birthday.  (Shout Out) We took some people out to spread the stoke while the surf is small and teach some surf lessons. Check everybody going out! It was this crew's first time surfing, They loved it!

This is Carlos, Jessica, Fransisco and Oliver. Everybody was stoked to get wet and have some fun with a little Nicaraguan surf royalty.

Check Carlos out! It took me years to learn that kinda style, kid does it his first time. If you didn't know, now you do.

There was a lot of wind so Jessica was trying to be as stable as possible. Nothing was getting you off that board girl! You would strait ride it into the sand haha.

Francisco works at Brandsmart. Hook a brother up with a TV dude! ohhh and he was doing work in the water.

Ohh yeah there where girls on the beach too! They caught me taking photos of them and told me to bug off. I told them it was my job and they chased me off the beach. So goes the life of an intern.

After a long day in the water everyone was super tired. Thanks for coming down guys! Make sure to get back soon! Chewy out!