Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Hello everyone, this is Baldo with today's surf report from Santana beach. I can't remember my password to login with my account that's why I'm using Parker's, I hope you don't mind!

Be careful with what you ask for... we all have been waiting for the river to open up and move all the sand back into the ocean, built up those sandbars that create those wedgy waves that we all love.

Well, the river did open big time, it's like 100 mts wide and bringing all kind of debris into the lineup.

There is a ton of branches and all kind of stuff piling on the reef.

Most of the debris is just branches, leaves and mud floating around.

That didn't stop the waves or the surfers to go out and have some fun while the rain stops for a little bit.

There were some smooth peaks breaking here and there, and just a few guys surfing.

The local kids were having a great time with these conditions, definitely a great training grounds for competitions.

If you can rip on not-so-good waves then you can rip on whatever comes at you.

Check out this gem, not bad, right? If you were patient you could find one of these every 20 minutes.

Looks who's back in the area, perfect timing for a mud bath as a skin treatment, right Bryan?

But not to worry... Rancho Santana's crew is taking care of all the debris on the beach, and in no time everything will look like the perfect tropical beach we are use to see.

That's it for today surfers from around the world, the rain will continue for a few more days, hopefully the waves will continue pumping like the last 2 weeks. Cheers!