Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, May 28, 2016

Hello primos and welcome to the weekend surf report at NSR! This is Parker showing you today's action. Despite the unfavorable wind conditions, there were some rippers in the water so check it out!

The first shredder up to bat was Kevin Cortez. Onshore or offshore, he's on it and pushing his surfing limits!

Speed, power, style... and a sick rail game!! Nice hack amigo.

Be like Alex... When the onshores affect the wave's texture or tubito, pop a floater over it. The winds are going to be swirling around for the next few days so get on it early or time it during the right windows.

Alex is a new friendly face here. He'll be down here for a our busy season helping out at the new Scoops and Spokes bar. Be on the lookout for him because I heard he's giving away eight free scoops of ice cream to anybody who shoots photos of him.

Mateo's friend has been tearing it up for the past few days. He was flying around corners and connecting the mushy sections.

When I first arrived, the wind was totally glassy. Within the hour, the onshore breezes slightly turned on. Onshore is rare for us and we hope it goes away in time for the swell next week!!

In the meantime, Senor Cortez will take advantage of the winds. If you're a small competent surfer, practice your air game!! We'll have enough barrels all season anyways...

Who do you think will land more airs? The Costa Esmeralda airport nearby or the local rippers!?!

Didn't I make a bet a few days ago about him nailing his airs?? I'll take my $10 now or you can bring me a big bag of Sour Patch kids.

Ok damas and caballeros, get out there for a sunset session or hit happy hour at the Beach Club! Thank you all for checking out today's report and have a good weekend. Hasta en la manana muchachos!