Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hello friends. Today we looking the action a little north and this is what we found. Pretty friendly waves of 6 feet high and soft wind. This swell is making the left working really well. Check the line up.

The sets are not too consistent. One come every 10 minute, but the three or four waves in every sets brings the long waves, check this part in the inside section. The wave have like 70 meters long.

Some surfers are visiting Nicaragua from Florianopolis Brazil and they proposed to surf the most famous surf spots in the area. Here is Naiara Stringhini charging  this wave. She was waiting for the best waves that brought the set.

Some sets of wave surprising the people in the line up. But Naiara was safe.

Maria Patricia Da Silva was charged also its great waves. Here she is in one air drop. She surprised us all.

This is one of the best cut of today. This guy was one of the best surfer in the spot.

This seemed to me funny. because it seems that formed a heart with water spray.

The seem guy had one of the two barrel made today. I listen him to say. This is really a Playground.

Marcos Meurer had the biggest wave of the session in the afternoon and that was good because this was his last wave.

At the end. Marcos ending this one hitting the lip of the wave. They fulfilled their mission and I too. So check the report tomorrow when Lucha Libre Garcia will bring the report. Armando Lopez is out.