Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lucha drove down last night to get some pics down south and take a couple guys out in a surf lesson today.  There were plenty of waves out there, the wind was light onshore and the water was refreshing.  Check it out!!!

The NSR surf school made it out with two cool guys from Cal to teach them how to surf.  Here is Oliver going through basics on the beach.

Lilly with a solid ride all the way in to the beach.  These guys were super stoked because both of them rode some nice ones.

There were a few guys out in the lineup, picking up some clean ones.  This is David racing down the line of this nice little nugget.

A few local rippers were taking advantage in the lineup.  This is Felipe “El Pipe” Chompipe” with a killer spray.  Would you believe that this little kid have been surfing only for 2 years?

Lots of cute girls made it to the beach and then they jumped out in the water.  Hola musasa!!!

The last shot of the day goes to Kieve from Germany looking good on this right.  We have to say that the winds turned back offshore this afternoon and hopefully tomorrow we’ll be able to score some sick ones.