Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, May 27, 2022

Hey ya'll welcome back for the Friday surf report! Yesterday was absolutely bonkers with amazing waves all day, today started looking about the same but the swell is fading a bit so the size isn't where it was at yesterday but we still have some super fun waves out front.. Come check it out!

Lots of rights again today like yesterday, with some lefts here and there also.

Guido is back in town and scoring waves on his retro fish style board

Got a shampoo and then came out with some speed and wraps a stylish cutback

The wind was pretty light this morning and it was a nice glassy look on the water, the wind started up a bit as I was leaving but maybe it was just some gusts

Bawdy with the layback on an extra foamy latte wave

Knee board guy going in on this turn and laying some serious rail as he flies onto the next section

The crowd factor was nice and easy today as there weren't more then 20 people or so at any time this morning

It looks like we may have some mellow days until Monday or Tuesday when we get some new good swell showing up

Until then I expect lots of fun sized waves like these and with the beautiful sunny days and offshore wind.. life is good

Looking for a head dip

Okay thank you for coming by today and checking us out. As always we will have your daily dose of surf Zen on tap so tune in to see what's happening in our neck of the waves. lol Have a great day and a wonderful start to the weekend. Adios amigos check back with you tomorrow