Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, May 23, 2019

What's up guys and girls?! Parker here logging in to bring some actual surf shots today. Well, better but not totally better if you know what I mean. Let's check it out!

Still some swell out there! I suppose you can call this corner overhead with a side of style.

As usual, I shot photos early which happened to be the dropping tide. Normally you don't see a whole lot of tubes during higher tides but this beachie always surprises you...

How's that (small little) view in there?! Let's talk about the wind for a second. Yes, I like to take photos early because of the light and frees up the rest of my work day. But, it was clean this morning and probably light onshore by now. Get your photos (or little barrels) while the gettins good!

All good- no exit on a small wave but man she got round!!! As for the wind the next few days, Friday could be ugly; however, this weekend looks similar to today (clean mornings and possibly messy afternoons). Next week is a different story though.

Maybe that's why I saw 2 broken boards within 45 minutes. Funny part is it was high tide and not even pumping like it was Tuesday!

Maybe it's safer to pull one of these guys? Maybe, maybe not?

Jamie Kocher wanted a piece of this morning's action! As always, he was on it in the morning and paddling out with a big smile. Always a good time to see him in the lineup.

This morning featured a healthy variety of lefts off the south peak and rights off the northern peak. I don't know about that tubito but this wave looks fun to carve up!

Alex and crew are hanging in out in one of the houses down the beach. They've been in tube town for about a week and scored! Congrats Steve O on getting married soon and we're stoked you enjoyed the bachelor party! It's been fun sharing waves with y'all.

Nice lip hack! If you love smashing the lip, let us send you on that boat. You'll find a long long rippable point and also a fun a frame reef. It'll be worth it.

Or, option #2, link up with Chris Conner at ADL. He runs a surf guide service (boat and car) and would stoke you out all around the Emerald Coast. How many years are under your belt, Chris? Like 10? Yeah, he's got it dialed and that's why he takes care of our guests.

Sooooo is Kelly or Filepe gonna win that heat? This guy tore the lip apart like they both would.

Or maybe we'll see a few more small barrels out there like we saw today?

Alright damas and caballeros, I think it's almost lunch time. The winds have likely changed so we'll spend the rest of the day relaxing and playing volleyball. Y'all have a good rest of the week and we appreciate you checking out our report! Nos vemos amigos.