Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, May 23, 2016

Hey everybody!!!, you know we are passing another small day of waves. The offshore wind is super light and nice. Feel so good be in the water with all the crowd having fun in longboards. Check it out.

I took the water camera for be in the line up with the surfers. Here is Katie riding one of the good rights working today. The waves are small, but perfect.

I was in some party waves getting a cool water shot. When the waves are like this we take out our sponges and catch a tons of waves.

Mr. James was in his shortboard, catching waves in the wave in the very south of the beach. He and Mr. Dan Springfields were surfing there with the springfields brothers.

I was in my SUP without paddle catching waves and taking photos. The water was so fresh, I dont think there are better place for pass the hot of the day.

There are waves all over the beach. After the last swell there are a lot of sandbank waiting for big waves and this wednesday I think there are one coming. : ) : ) : )

This surfer has the style in the water. He was walking back and forth in his longboard.

This peak was small, but with good energy for a ride. The waves looks small when come to the beach and after was getting power when hit the sandbank.

A surfer like little Red Riding Hood was killing some of the rights in the north of the beach. All the peaks in the beach were working good.

I just be in the water for a few minutes,but I want to keep surfing, because it's so fun using the long boards. In two days this waves conditions could exchange, so be tuned to the report.

Ok. Mis Amigos. There are new surfers coming in that airplane. Who cool its see the waves from that angle. Have a good day and see you tomorrow. Armando Lopez is out.