Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Good morning everybody!! This is Hotsticks logging in for the first time in a while to deliver today's "surf shots." I'm going to give you a disclaimer: read (or re-read) yesterday's report. Let's check it out!

Still, plenty of SSW swell out there! The reef featured some long peeling (crumbling) lines. But, we are just entering winter so the seasons are changing and that means rain is likely (is that an understatement?). We frequently use windy to check the weather and it looks like the onshores will fade Thursday/Friday so the rain will soon be gone.

I would say "rain rain go away..." but the locals need it. After a long dry season, the farms, wells, and animals are all thirsty. So, bring on the rain and let us rest our tired muscles after surfing nonstop for a week!

Did you go back to see yesterday's report? Barrels galore!!!! For the brave, there were still a few sections to be had this morning.

Alright crummy surf conditions today (and probably tomorrow) but that means the Los Perros bulkhead will be green and lush. Rest, stretch, enjoy a couple Tonas, or check those back logged emails... we'll be back to some fun waves soon!

We don't want to leave you hanging or do a report with only a few bad surf pictures. So, how about a day trip we took up north? Keep scrolling down but first- breakfast NICA style! Yum.

First stop: Masaya. As the sign says in Spanish, Masaya is a folklore and cultural hotstop. There is no shortage of local tradition, legends, and surprises around every corner.

Norman Romero (the NSR shop manager and all around Jefe) took us to the Masaya market. Gentlemen, take notes: this is every girl's dream. Pottery, wallets, gifts, clothes, handbags, bracelets, and local goodies. If she isn't here with you on the trip, swing by on your way to the airport to get her a little "I was thinking of you" which really means you were too busy getting barreled and scrambled to find a gift last minute.

Beautifully made, locally sourced, and looks great in every bathroom, entrance, or outdoor table.

Next stop. Don Lorenzo (Norman's trusty funny dad), how do you feel about taking a boat trip? I guess that is a yes?

By this time, we were loaded up on a panga for $20 and off to see the Isletas de Granada (small islands near Granada). Life goals: own one, build an incredible house, and be neighbors with Mr. Pellas.

We arrived to Monkey Island and Amy was ready to make some friends. The boat captain said a vet placed one family of monkeys (total of nine) on this island so the tourists can come feed them. I guess fried plantain chips are a yummy breakfast!

Yeah dude, she does a great job at keeping us two fed!

Alright, enough monkeying around (I know, too corny), back to the city of Granada. This picture was taken from the square and features the main church. At 4pm everyday, you are allowed to tour it and see the highest vantage point of the city. Granada is an awesome old colonial town that has a ton of history and even more attraction. Start by having lunch and shopping in the square. Or maybe stay the night and check out the various bars and clubs.

I say "let's eat" and she says "let's take a horse buggy tour." Norman, how about you and I go eat and find some ice cream while Amy and your dad take a tour? Food > tour of a beautiful old Spanish city

Our last spot was Laguna de Apoyo, which is a huge crater lake lagoon. A mellow low key spot to swim, relax, have a beer, or eat some more food. Ok guys and gals, I hope you enjoyed a few shots from our day trip. We are more than happy to send y'all to these destinations with a tour guide. Email me at [email protected] if you have any questions. As for moving forward, I will look forward to sharing more surf and/or lifestyle shots for next couple of months! Thanks for checking out today's shots and hasta manana amigos!