Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hello friends. We have the low tide all morning and any waves were coming until the high tide. The waves are small, but here is the best wave from the afternoon,,,,, and no one took.... Haha!!, well, happens every day. Check some of the waves in the afternoon.

The waves were rideable even in shortboards, so that mean the waves were playful. This surfer have a lot of options of maneuvers in this wave.

The ripper of the afternoon was oscar Espinosa. Check the sequence of this left.

Here is the first turn going fast. This young man is small, but super strong like Manny Pacquiao.

Here is the second turn, he was making a lot of turns, because he was shaping the wave with every cut he made.

Here is the third turn he made. Here is almost in the inside and that wave keep going with speed.

This wave sometimes hit other wave coming from the other way and that little spot in the wave is good for try the late back.

 Ladies and gentleman here is the mural finishing. The name of the proyect is in the top of the draw. Yo quiero mi Nicaragua limpia!,,,...( I want my Nicaragua clean!). Carl and Carly help to the kids to do this wonderfull art, every animal and the background in the mural represent a little piece of this zone, I feel so familiar with everything to I see.


John Springfield was alone enjoying to surf this left, until I went to surf with him and he need to share waves with me. Hahaha.

There are waves going in every direction in all the beach. The swell is dying and the line keep coming, small, but keep coming in the high tide.

This man was surfing during this time in te day and he score a left and right and he made good turns in frontside and backside. Check it out.

Here is the surfer of the last photo turning in the left. He look really tall and heavy, so probably he don't need to put too much energy to put water in the air.

Some waves after the drop just give you one chance to made a cut and Alexander Carvalho found that spot for this turn.

Here is Just a advertise!!!!. If you are swimming be careful with the rip current, right now the tides are really high, so is deep in the very short break.

The sunday afternoon with smooth waves with the high tide are good for relax and pass the rest of the day. Sometimes this beach is powerful, but sometimes is too nice for hangout.

Carl get a left and made this turn. He was orienting at Carly how to surf, but when he saw this waves he say, sorry I come back...

Well, Carly first wave has a right and was long. We have another surf girl in the crowd.

Have a good new week, try to surf more than one time and try to scoring more than one good trick. Armando Lopez is out. Put attention in the mural,,,,,,,it 's so cool.