Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, May 21, 2022

Welcome to the Saturday Surf report! We are back with a bit better conditions today than the last couple of days, we ares till expecting some more rain to come today but this morning the sun was shining and it's beautiful out. Still dealing with some onshore wind but that should be gone tomorrow or Monday. Come check it out..

Some small wave grind but don't be fooled, there were some larger waves too..

Okay maybe nothing "big" but waist to chest high and some fun corners to be had.

Good day for a surf lesson or some beginner practice sessions

Out the back the shredders are smacking the lips

Some even boosting to the sky with this onshore may be a bit easier to land

Daughter and daddy looking out at some surf

Anyone up for a game of Surf Chicken.. who will kick out first?!

Everybody looking, hoping, waiting for the barrels to be in full effect.. until then we'll settle with the almost barrel

Okay ya'll thank you for coming and checking us out, we are looking forward to a week of fun surf after the stormy conditions and onshore wind pass through. If you're around today and wanna check out some VBALL Tourney action there will be a friendly tournament at the beach club today starting around 2pm with Finals around 5PM Cheers!