Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hello and happy weekend to everybody. After the swell the waves are friendly and are rolling nice. Check how light is the offshore wind and the water looks so clear.

Today we have a left, a peak with A frame and a right. Here is India riding a nice left looking for a tube. The line up was light and the waves were coming constantly, everybody in the water was getting a lot of waves.

The ripper in the lineup was Mr. Gavin Potter. Check how sick was his turn.

A group of SUP are here scoring some waves. I was doing this kind of surf before in this beach and I think is a little danger, but this surfers not kill anyone today.

Here is the right in the north peak. The wind was light so the tube not was really open. See the lip of the wave, it's thick.

Here is the left. This wave have a wall and the corner was super fun. All the waves were shoulder high and were rolling with good speed, good for every kind of tricks.

Check this surfer in this wave. He get cover for a curtain very light and the ramp was so readable.

All day the waves were exchanging the shape, but the afternoon was the best for me. When the waves are like this the surf is just fun.

This is why Harry Potter was without leash and flying. Here is Gavin Playing Quidditch.

I was busy taking photos to all this points. The high tide is always a good bet and we think the tide going down will be fun too.

Here is one decent cut in the left. This wave not was too long, but have a little of everything in the way.

We have a beautiful community in this area. The Elementary school have a lot of great kids and they love his new school.

A friends of us, Ms. Carly Jo is here visiting Nicaragua and she bring all her energy and talent to paint a mural in the front part of the school. She design a lot of figures and the kids pick up some of them and they painting with the help and the orientation of her and check how good the work is going on.

Here is the next Picasso. We are surfers and the kids love the ocean and the forest, so we go to show you when they finish the art for you can see who amazing the mural looks.

The biggets kid in the school is destroying the art. Hahahahah is a joke!!!!. Carlitos Caliente is putting his contibution in the mural, I think he is painting the magnific cliff of represent this zone.

Ok. Buddies thanks for check the surf report. This mural is looking super, be tuned to the report for see this paint finish. Armando Lopez is out.