Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A warm welcome to Luke "El Duque" Dawson the newest member of the NSR family. Luke hails from Costa Mesa, California and has just arrived to begin his summer internship with the crew at NSR. El Duque was so amped to be done with finals and finally be in Nicaragua he wasn't sure which way to enjoy the ocean first, so he decided to hit 'em all at once.......but not, of course, before cracking a Toña and giving thanks first. Deacachimba!!! Luke will be putting his photography studies to good use helping NSR with video/photography projects as well as dedicating himself to daily barrel hunting.

Hello amigos. This is your daily report. It was a beautiful sunny day. The waves were 3-4 feet. The line up not was too crowded and a few peaks to choose from. Check it out.

This left was small but with good shape. The set were a little slow but this guy got tubed.

During the morning high tide the waves were soft, but on the low tide was a little stronger, look at this nice bottom turn.

Here is Oscar trying a air 360*. He looking for the next level to keep in the national standings.

The Kerson family arrived yesterday and JJ and his friend were excited to enjoy the warm water and play with the GoPro camera.

How that feel guys!!!!

The drop was a little fast, Check out this guy setting up to make this wave.

All day had fun waves, (is good to have)with two different condition during the day depending to the tide, so you could use a fun shape or a shortboard for the better ones.

Ok mis amigos. Seems like it will be fun for a sunset session. Get out there and enjoy the rest of your day. Luke and Armando Lopez are out.