Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hi there!!!!. This is the surf report from Nicaragua. We when out early for a have a full day of surf and this is what we get. A soft wave for turns and a heavy wave for barrels. Check it out the report.

We start the day with some fun left overhead. This time I was with some surfers from New Jersey. In this wave we have at Warren Scales, he and the others guys were riding some long lefts during a few hours during the low tide. Check all the action of tuday.

Tom Sherf was part of the crew in the water. Here he is dragging his hand to calculate how fast go to made a turn.

In this turn i can hear the fins smashing the lip of this wave and making a sound like this.... Plllalalaaaakkkkaaatttaaaa.

Yeaaaaaapppp!!!!!. This was a turn with a puntuation of ten point. This wave was so fun today. Everybody in the group was happy.

This surfer was surprising how long was the ride. Some of them were tired so early, because they say they not ride wave like this long in home. Here is Adam Carter running on this perfect ramp.

John Ardolina went into some waves and made a downhill so fast that he fell in all. hahahahah

We have three spot in this left working good. In the very end we have this wave, the rider is Tommy Coale, he is conecting this wave with the second section. The normal size were in the middle and the seths were breaking so out clean all the beach putting to all the surfers in the white water to paddle for a while.

In this wave we have at Matt Lawler, he was riding a few waves and everyone have good size and good shape. This wave was from the seth, the seth were coming constantly, we keep having some disent waves during this week.

The ripper of the group is Mike Mrazek. Check how he is bending his body for hit this wave.

Yeah buddy we know you ride Fire Wire. He is pointing to the 10 AM.

Banggggggg!!!, he almost drowning me with all the water to he trought me. I was wet, I don't need more water in my face.

When we hit the other spot we see some seths with this wall. What you are thinking. This spot is on fire!!!!....

Well, its time for barrels<<<<< and here is Kenny trying to get into this tube. This surfer are from New Jersey and they were having an unforgettable surf session.

Well, I don't need to post the next photo. You know what happen after this shot. : )

Warren was dropping one of the bumps in this beach break and he was feeling the power of this wave. Are you ever fall of a wave and the wave rip your t shirt? Well, that happen to Warren.

We want to share with you our greate day and say good bye. I and this surfer had a super good day and we are so exhausted. We need to say good bye but we want you keep tuned with the report. Have a good day and see you tomorrow.