Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, May 19, 2006

Oh man, we've got some fun waves today. The wind turned back offshore this morning and the swell is still double-o on the sets. Days like this remind us why we live here. Check it out - some guy from Cabo, ripping.

Today we were stoked we caught up with some old high school friends who are down on vacation. We are all a little older, a litter heavier and hopefully, a little wiser - the cool thing was that we could just pick up where we left off the last time we saw each other (and that was a while ago) This is Colin, showing how a little "wave experience" goes a long way.

These guys hired Roberto for the day and took home a CD full of killer photos. This is Christian, loving the view in Nicaragua.

Here's Mike on a nice set wave. This one will make a nice screen saver when you get home.

Amistad (Sorry, I have no idea how to spell your name) didn't have such a good day. Actually, yesterday wasn't so good either (check out the duct tape on his foot)

We've even got proof of Mr. Brown turning.

We don't know this guy, but thought it was a cool photo. Maybe he'll pull in next time.

Here is Christian again. Roberto wanted me to tell you "nice wipeout".

Ahh yes, even I got to catch a few. There's nothing like surfing with old friends.

Here's to old friends. OK fellas, it was great to have you down. Enjoy the pics and come back to see us soon!

We've got overhead sets and offshore winds today. The water is warm and we have tons of great shots to share with you. The first are from Roberto at Maderas. We'll open with a sick sequence from Gerardo.

Gerardo, shot 2.

Gerardo, shot 3.

Gerardo, shot 4.

Gerardo, shot 5. Check it Sponsors. This guy is ripping.

Of course, Roberto was doing his thing as well. Nice facial expression.

Annie is getting right back into form. Here is a nice set wave. (FYI - this is not from Maderas)

Check out our newest member of the NSR Team. This is Kai - and he just turned 4.

Roberto again...

Kervin nabbed one of the best waves of the day out at Machete point. Check out the lip in this thing. Nice one.

Don't forget about Luis, who was flying around all over the place today.

This is Roberto, representing the Virgin Islands.

Condorito, upside down where he belongs. Actually, his spanish sounds better this way.

Alright, we're off to go surfing. Check back tomorrow.