Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hello everybody and welcome to the mid week surf report! This is Parker showing you today's shots. There's no better way to celebrate Humpday than a peaky beach break so check out our photos!!

The swell backed off just a touch so some magic could happen. Lesther was on it. For the record, he would still be on it even if it was big and maxed out!

Well, he's on it even if you can't see him...

Yeah Lesther!! Normally, we are stoked for two good barrels for breakfast but that's a daily routine for this machine.

The other Espinoza ripper, Oscar, was on it early as well. Check out what ensued after the bottom turn...

Bammm!!! Weighing in a buck twenty, he still gouged the face off the wave. Yaaaa primo!!

Plenty of rights were reeling all morning. Us regular footers love this direction so let's keep 'em coming!!

However, some great lefts rolled through on the other side of the rip tide. Jackson, one of the best local rippers, was already there.

Him and the RVCA team have been shredding the past few days. Those boys have put on a show for all the spectators.

Before he finished this cutback, he was already thinking about what's next!! Jackson- keep representing Nicaragua with style, shredding, and class!

Some waves were still long lines that closed out. Regardless, you can always find a corner begging you to smash it.

When I started taking photos this morning, it was still cloudy (and it stayed partly cloudy all day). A cloudy day helped our skin heal and prepare for another big day of surf tomorrow!

May has been a great month of surf for us: consistent head high waves, friendly winds, and an endless amount of rights. No complaints in NICA Land!!

Who said paddleboarders can't handle critical waves?! This guy was drawing aggressive lines and bashing the corners all morning.

Meanwhile, we've been getting barreled nonstop for the last week. We hope it never ends and we hope you're ok with seeing nice tubes everyday...

Rights, rights, rights, and a couple more rights. Brom, where are you at bro!?!?

Did we mention that Lesther holds it down backside as well? Front or backside, his lines and style are sick!!

A new swell is supposed to fill in tomorrow. Oscar and I are both excited to find more waves like these- but with a little more size!

Oscar had one more message for the crowds: look for me in the barrel and then above the wave.

Alright damas and caballeros, we had a super fun day of surf today and we are just getting started for another one tomorrow. Make sure you stayed tuned for the action and thank you for checking out today's reports! Nos vemos hermanos!