Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, May 18, 2015

Hello and welcome to a new week of surf in Nicaragua. We not have any swell until the twenty third of May. A new swell is coming and look good. The waves are small and fun. Two peaks were working with different sections of speed, some parts were fast and good for cuts and some soft parts good for longboard. Check it out.

There are more waves  breaking left in this week. The ninety percent of the waves are breaking with good shape. That means we are exciting for the next good swell hit this sand bank.

The two peaks were ending together in this part of the beach and Oscar Espinoza was ripping today in this spot with a lot of different maneuvers.

Oscar was killing the waves today. He was smashing the waves even in the danger part close to the beach.

Some waves keep going good until the sand and the surfers keep going until the beach too. Until the super last chance to get out. I saw Carlitos Perez get a bruise in his leg for hit the floor yesterday.

I tell you!!! This Young man have a full hands of tricks!!! He is good in every kind of wave.

Were some waves breaking were usually ever did. This wave was good and long and no body was looking for.

Ok. Amigos. The waves will be the same for tomorrow, but will be progressing for the next days. So be tuned to see one of the best beach break in this world (turn on.!!!!). Armando Lopez is out.