Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, May 18, 2013

Super fun waves at the first day of the final surf contest at Playa Jiqueliste (Santana).  Head high plus waves on the bigger sets, nice offshore winds and killer water temperature.  Check it out!!!

A quick view of the scene, everything is so tight and well organized.  Come over and check it out!

Lefts and rights were going off today and all the locals were super stoked to get on it.  Local's homebreak hopes were on Mario El Dañino Martinez but it didn't happen this time.  He made it through a couple of rounds but couldn't make it into the semifinals for tomorrow.

Lester El Sopay scored a few sick waves like this one, but he did not make it either.  The surfing level was pretty high and it was hard to make every round.

We do not even have to mention that everyone out there was ripping hard.  Sean Pearson was defending his tittle with some huge snaps!

Nobody counted on this guy but he's surfing very well today.  Actually Elyin El Tapita de Yegua is ready to fight in the semifinals tomorrow!

Did we mention that the waves were super fun?  What a jewel, uhhhh!

Isaac Rodriguez from Chinandega was doing his thing, busting some aerials.  He's been running the last few contest and he's been doing good.

The locals chilling and watching the action from the beach.  Buena chabalos!

Mr Hollywood was signing autographs all day long. Just kidding!

But he was really dominating the juniors division all day long.  Jackson shredding up!

Here is a shot of the barrel of the day.  Way to go CP!!!

Cesar El Boquita Amador from Popoyo put all his skills in the water and he made it for the semis as well.  Going big with a sick floater.

In the meantime, Joel El Capullo Chavez did killed it in the 18's division.  Styling off!

The judges had a hard task today, judging all the sick waves and the great surfers we had out there.  Andrew getting slotted while the judges enjoy the action.

Peaks everywhere and fun waves rolling all over the place.  There is two empty ones on this one, who want some?

Le Bestia Calderon got one of the most explosive maneuvers of the day.  Hitting this section right in the pocket at lower tide.  This thing was sucking up so bad when he landed this move.

El Botetas Barbosa on the last shot of the day with a sick ratation move.  Dale Boteta!

Alright folks, that's all for today.  Time to get some.  Make sure to swim by Playa Santana tomorrow and if you are not here DO NOT WORRY, we'll have all the action, so stay tuned with us!