Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hola amigos, welcome to your daily surf report.  This is Lucha Libre Garcia with a nice update straight to your computers.  The waves were super,,,super fun today, running in the head high range, winds were steady offshore and the water was amazing.  Check it out!!!

Pancho Sanchez took the water camera out again and he scored some sick ones.  Andrew is caught here about to get in the magic spot.

Mr Kenny was having a blast out there.  You can see how fun he was having, just judging for his face expression.

A few spongers were out and they were also takin' some sick ones.  Rafa pulling into a sweet jewel!

Pancho is getting pretty good with the water camera.  Isn't he?

Mr Nelson was able to paddle out and he score some as well.  Pig dog time!

The waves were super fun at this spot, but this is the last shot of it.  Thanks for sharing the pics chalupa!

Lets move down a bit to our backyard and check all the action.  Was it good?

Right at low tide the waves start doing their thing and we were there to prove it.  John just chilling!

Lets get all pitted it amigos.  Tubos everywhere as you can see.

Did I say barrels everywhere?  Check out this little sequence!

Shot 2, setting up!

Shot 3, pulling in deep!

Shot 4, and deeper!

Shot 5, are you still in there amigo?

Shot 6, is he coming out of that thing?

Shot 7, looking for the door!

And out.  That was sick fella!

The right was firing as well.  Mateito with another sick sequence!

Shot 2, getting in the magic spot!

Shot 3, that thing is wide open!

Couple of shots later, pulling in deep!

Shot 5, through another sick section!

Still going and looking for the door!

Beautiful Mateo!

It was the day to get slotted but there were definitely some ramps to shred as well.  Cool snap!

But the people kept getting shacked.  What a day!

Mr Kevin showed up and he blowed up.  Sick one chabalo!

There were so many sick waves out there to be taken and get piped.  Thanks god!

Kevin wasn't the only local having a blast out there.  El Chele Jackson was killing it.  Check out this beautiful turn!

Shot 2, powerful hack!

Shot 3, all the way around!

Did I say all the way around?  Dragging the tail!

And sliding the tail back to the face!

It is hard to believe this kid is only 19 years old.

Sweet mini bombas to charge.  Way to go buddy!

Nica style ride back home.  Anybody need a ride??? Peace!