Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hello my friends, I hope you have a good sunday. We have some beautifull waves down here. The swell keep pushing good waves all day. The RUCA team is here scoring some waves. The locals also were showing claws, getting some barrels. Check the report.

Some 360* airs for the RUCA team. There are three really good peaks working today, so this guys were using the peak in the river mouth.

I was putting attention in the peak of the river mouth and some green wave was in my peripherals. I taken this photo in the last moment just for you can see how looks the other part of the beach.

What come to your mind after see this wave? Tubes, tubes, tubes, tubes,,......Well, the surfer who missed this wave will be thinking all day,,, Why I don't goooo!!!....

We have a local surfer in the RUCA team, is Mr. Jackson Obando showing the fins ( Como los grandes, como los mas pesados). That mean like the big one like the heavy or the best one.


The big name in the RUCA team is Bruce Iron. Is the first day of this surfer here, so be tuned to see how he surf during his visit to this beach break.

The right don't stop of breaking good. Probably this peak was the best today. Not was too consistent like the peak in front the river mouth, but every wave was amazing.

Here is the king of the beach Mr. Carlitos Perez. He never never lowers his level, it's just the same or higher.

This is how deep he normally travels inside the tubes. This wave was working like this during the high tide, so the low tide could be super strong with less water and biggest waves.

Here is the outside exit of Mr. Carlos. Carlos was the first local surfer in this wave, so that say alot, he know this wave more than any body.

Left or right, Carlito always score more than one tubes before go back home. The swell will be bigger tomorrow, so I don't know how more better this place will go... We just can wait and go to surf.

This two surfer were in a waterfall. I post just the first photo and the rest you can imagine what happened.

Well, doesn't was a real waterfall, was more like a late drop with a crushing end and the other surfer burning that wave and he pay in the instantly his karma.

Anyone have the barrel..... Well, the nose of the surfboard was the only thing in the barrel.

Check it out this left. The cloudy day and the color of the water made a super cool weather for surf.

There are some spectators watching the professional surf level. This right in front the river mouth have the biggest waves, but the small waves were friendly perfect for sick executions of tricks.

We can feel in the air the best days of the 2016 seasson. We just start, the waves looks great for this year. We are blessing for the offshore wind and the swell direction, we hope God keep blessing to us.

Jackson and the RUCA team was hanging out in the beach club. Jackson is the best surfer ambassador of Nica Land, so he will made a great time for his friends.

More barrels in the north peak. Check this longboarder getting a shack.

The wind was around ten knots per hour, is one of the best wind conditions. The wave were rolling clean.

Some times all the surfer here are in the line up in the same time, but today I don't see to many people in the water, they were surfing early and I listen was good. I don't know if was better than this.

The wind was hitting the left. The waves were breaking in the inside on the second sand bank. Some of the visitors were having the experience of the Nica tube in this beach. How forget this beach ,after this surf session.

The airs are one of the best trick of surf, depending how radical the surfer made. When we have profecionals surfer here we always are expecting to see some cool airs and those surfer were showing some expectacular airs.

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