Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, May 14, 2016

Hello, welcome to the weekend. The waves keep strong even with the low tide. The wind is good and this peak was giving some action to the surfers. Check it out.

Check some of the left overhead. The seth come without chronology time. There are some seth with closing waves, but there are some with more than ten good wave in serie.

There are a sick right also rolling when the left is not working. There are just a few surfer in the line up. The surfers are running away to the sun.

When the tide drop there are a sand bank making this spot really shallow, so here this right get a good shape and open tubes.

This peak was shaping for a rip current and the power of this small and thick waves. Check this wave of Oscar getting a tube.

The water is a little brown because the rains are putting water in the ocean. The sandbank its receiving sediment right now, so the waves will be better soon.

Check this turn of Oscar. Just have the confirmation of the date of the next National surf contest. The 4 and 5 th of June in Leon, so my team is more than ready now.

There are one sick right in the beach, looks like a slap. I see some surfers trying get waves there, they was trying in the very corner of this wave and they make the wave.

One of the young locals was there. Here is Marlon Brando going low in this wave. He is learning to ride the waves to one day, not very far can make out a tube.

The waves are strong even is have only a feet high, check how playfull was this wave in the very end. The floaters always looks good if you landing.

Lester was going to fast in this wave. This left come in the sets with other three waves and everyone was good like this one.

The visitors were in trouble riding the waves. Just the locals were getting the best waves.

Hey primos, the waves will be good for the next week. Have a good weekend and surf the most you can. If you want to have fun go to Magnific Rock tonight, we gonna have a good party overthere. Armando Lopez is out.