Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, May 13, 2021

Hey everybody welcome back to another beautiful day here in Nica and another nice swell morning full of sunshine and waves. There was maybe 15 people out in the lineup this morning, it looks like the size might have just took a little notch down from last night when there were some big gurgling waves coming through the lineup.

Now don't go hearing what I'm not saying.. I'm not saying it is small by any means, I'm saying it just came down a small notch and is in that super fun barreling size.

This dude was scoring some waves this morning on the knee board cruising down the line with some speed.

When the waves are good you're gonna have multiple lenses pointed out your way so don't mess up! Here go Rick and Tony into the water for that unique perspective straight from the lineup.

There are usually some spectators on the beach watching what the show out front has to offer. Here is Danny and his baby ripper checking out what is on tap this morning.

Troy makes his way down and into the lineup whenever the waves get good. Look at how glassy and beautiful that wave looks.

The rights were definitely the better call this morning and plenty of tubes like this one were ready for the pickin'

All kinds of equipment was out in the lineup this morning, how about this dude getting extra deep on this two face looking wave.. kinda pretty on the left side but ominous and dark behind our guy.

Another right with just a little spit too one of the better escapes this morning was this guy visiting from France who scored on this one.

Sequence of the day for our buddy from overseas as you can see the smile starting to form on his face as he sees the light at the end of the tunnel.

Yup go ahead and zoom in on that face and tell me that surfing doesn't get you stoked! Thanks for coming by and checking out the surf report today and everyday ya'll. Come on by tomorrow for some more sick shots and stay tuned for this next swell arriving tomorrow or the next day as we are forecasted to get some XL waves with this one. Until next time.. yeeeeew