Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hello everybody welcome to the NSR surf report. We wake up early to check the swell and there are something special about this swell. During all day were windows of super good waves and time with nothing working. In the end of the day the waves were fantastic check it out.

I send two surfer to kill that waves. Here is in one sick turn. What do you thing????, was fun or not?.

This surfer have all the playground for them self. The waves were coming constantly all the time with overhead waves.

Sean its sponsoret for some surf brand like Rip Curl. Here is the $$$$$$ shot Sean.

The waves looks horrible for a while, but this is the magic touch of this spot. This spot always have a surprise for us.

Mr. Jackson was making some sick tricks for all the audience in the houses in front of the wave.

For first time in my life I see this type of surf. Check it out.

I thought was a accident, but this is actually the technique. Not kidding hehhh!!!.

He desapier in the wave. He was going faster than the boogie board.

Here is the surfer coming out. I know the surf is illimitate with all the new surfboard shape and the SUP and the rest of thing is going on, but this is new for me.

And is time to come back to stand up. He made this wave out, so this count????.

Here is a surfer using a Tomo board and I think he is the faster surfer I ever see using this type of shape. Check his power in the turn.

He have a extra speed and he used. Here is putting a lot of energy for stoped.

There are some heavy waves during the tide coming up. Check some of the best waves of the day.

This right was coming with three waves in the serie and everyone was sick. There are just a few surfer enjoying the afternoon session.

Hooo!!! Kerson drop some of the heavy waves in the afternoon. Check that thick lip of that wave.

And Katie loose her first real barrel. Well, she probably its ready for the next time.

Lester, Lester is the lucky surfer do I ever meet. He know so good his homebreak. Check how perfect are the waves for him.

Is logic to know he is going out of that barrel. He probably is passing the half million of tubes in his life.

Kerson was looking the barrels all afternoon. He get four decent tubes.

Some of the new faces in the line up were getting good films with the Gopro camera. I have the other angle bro!!!.

Check the size of this wave. The season of this part of the hemisphere is starting to have his time.

Huuuuuu!,,,, Check it out!!!. This things are sick!!!!!. There are new beach chairs ready for rent and have a party, with the girls getting a tan and the surfer getting waves. Its just an idea. Armando Lopez is out.