Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, May 09, 2020

All the surfers were waking up this morning like kids on Christmas, we weren't sure what was waiting for us when we went downstairs. We just knew it was gonna be something good.

The dawn patrol was good, but as the tide was dropping out into mid morning the waves kept getting better.

Very light winds and the swell increasing through tomorrow = An epic weekend.

If PC was a diner the special would be Barrels for Breakfast (Dad joke level 100)

There weren't as many lefts as there were rights this morning but PC makes sure to serve up a little of both.

Here is a shot of John on a different board then I've normally seen him riding, looks just as comfortable as ever.

Mateo on a nice right, he came in for a bit I thought maybe he was done and gonna have breakfast.. The waves kept getting better and he was back out there 10 minutes later. Yeeewww Get it broski!

Joshhavepigdog living up to his IG name on this one, what a time to be quarantined at SurfNSR! With just the locals and very few guests there are more then enough waves to go around.

Kevin dropping in super casual to this gem of a wave. This one started closing up pretty quick but of course Kev made it out. Nice one my dude!!

Like a fighter coming out of the stadium tunnel in a cloud of smoke, speaking of fights there is a UFC PPV tonight if anybody is into that. Super stacked card too, taking place in an empty arena no fans allowed, should be interesting.

We had a couple boats dropping guys off in the lineup this morning, not gonna get in Josh's way though. Josh and his brother are lucky to grow up the last handful of years at this paradise in Nicaragua.

Jeynner was down on the beach last night helping to release some little baby turtles into the ocean. This morning he was up early and in the waves himself catching beauties like this one.

Mystery barrel surfer, who could it be?

If I had to pick one wave to be the wave of the morning it was hands down Carlosdecolorados, check out this sequence.

Pitching up fast..

Little hand drag..

Still dropping in..


Pumping it like an Air Jordan..

Speeding up..

Now you see him..

Not for long..

Must be nice and roomy in this one..

This wave was like 30 photos so I had to cut the sequence down a bit, trust me when I say he was in there long enough for everyone on the beach to take a collective gasp..

As he came flying out. Thank you for checking in on your favorite surf report and with this swell picking up size every hour it seems we should have plenty more like this over the next few days. As well the 17 day forecast shows fun waves consistently as far as the eye can see. Swing back tomorrow for the legendary photos and captions of Brian "Nicasurfshots" Scott. Crussell out.