Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, May 09, 2014

Hi and welcome to your daily surf report.  Lucha Libre is back in the action with a quick update from somewhere in the Pacific Coast.  We checked out the waves early morning and this is what we found.  Over head sets, winds going around from side to off and onshore, at some point we tough it was going to rain but it didn't.  Check  it out!!!

Codo Lopez was the first guy out this morning, because nobody wanted to paddled out.  He surfed for a couple of hours right before work.

He got to score so many waves that mother nature got to charge him some taxes.  Ouchhh, two boards in one day.  Sorry amigo!

Sun was off and on all day long.  Mr Snider packing a nice right hander.

Definitely some nice sets rolling in.  Here is caught this unknown rider with a solid bottom turn.

Cool sections to shred and the locals were all over them.  Smackin' the lip!

El Simon del Rey de la Salsa en Yuca,,,,,Uhhhh.  I mean Simon El Rey de la Yuca en Salsa was able to make it out and he grabbed some sweet ones.  Buena vato locoooooo!

Last action shot of this spot goes to Mateito styling on his front side.  Just grabbing the rail and pushing all his body to create more speed and bigger spray.

We changed locations right about noon and this was the scene.  Nice mini bombitas to be taken.

We had a bunch of suppers in the outside reef and they were having a great time.  Just playing around!

And charging some backdoor sections.  Yeeewwwwwwwwwww!!!

The inner reef was super fun as well.  Waves galore all over the place.

Capitan Lance styling off on his front side, deep in the flats with a sick bottom turn.  Yeahhhh mannnnn!

The suppers were ripping in the inner reef.  Killer vertical move by this fella!

Everybody was able to surf today, everybody got waves, including spongers and the wave runner.  Buenaso chicos!

RDs was firing as you can see.  Nobody was on this one!  What a shame!

I think this is our very good friend Austin on a solid set.  Nice casco buddyyyyy!

Cesar on the last shot of the day.  The swell is supposed to drop a little bit tomorrow but there should be enough swell around still.  Stay tuned!