Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, May 08, 2017

Hola amigos que tal?! Welcome to a new week of NSR reports brought to you by Hotsticks. The waves are down but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with today’s shots. See for yourself!

That epic 8 day run of swell is unfortunately gone. For the next few days, it is going to stay a similar size. Do you know what that means???

That means it’l still be head high at the magnet! Though this spot doesn’t have the shape or tubes that the beach break does, there is always a wave and a face to carve.

Especially right now! The winds are light, the water is warm, and we won’t be really crowded. You don’t have to tell me twice…

This is a fun wave because it changes so much with the tide. While the tide was lower, there was one main peak and a couple swingers with some longer walls. Now that the tide is higher, the peaks will be in different spots and have some more size and punch. Billy, when are you coming over for a surf? Bring James and Gerry too!

If it gets really small or you want to change things up, come rent a longboard from our shop. For a couple sessions, you’ll love to cruise down the face and see how far and for how long you can creep up on the nose.

There was an unknown ripper grom in the white shirt today. He caught eight waves in probably thirty minutes and he showed off around thirty turns. He was finished up pretty early and in perfect time to go get Pili’s breakfast burrito with a Manga Drops smoothie.

This upcoming Saturday, Casa Madera will have their first year of business celebration. That means there will be drinks, appetizers, and salsa dancing that starts around 6pm. If you haven’t been there, they have a killer outdoor bar and a great area for the kids. If you’re in town, you should head over and check them out!

Making turns and hitting the dance floor are all footwork and hips, right???

Casa Madera’s carne asada and BBQ ribs have me thinking about lunch but these shots have me thinking about a lunch time surf… decisions decisions. Regardless, we are going to wrap things up so thank you for checking out today’s morning shots. Pasan una buena tarde primos!

Errrr we are almost finished up here! I was visiting some properties when a buddy said the beach break was looking super fun. Since I already had the camera, I figured a quick check and afternoon update was in order (if that's ok with you guys).

So I walked up, found a shady spot, bummed a Tona off a buddy, and sat down to watch the surf. It didn't take long for Kevin Cortez to catch something...

Well, Kevin makes any surf look good. He shreds the small rippable stuff or boosts above the lip. Then last week, he was finding deep caverns in the bigger stuff. See for yourself: @kevincortez_.

This hombre has a bright future surfing- especially once he starts nailing those 360's!

Otherwise, I didn't see a lot of "firing surf" in my thirty minutes there. More peaks were opening up so more people were catching waves. But, on the bright side, the Tona was cold and refreshing.

Wait for the sunset session- the tide will drop and the waves will open up. Then, you can get deeper and call it a barrel.

Ok damas and caballeros, now it's time to end things for the day! I'm heading to the beach and I'll check back with you guys in a couple days. Hasta luego amigos!