Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, May 06, 2018

Hello everybody and happy Sunday! This is Parker welcoming you the surf report for Southern Nicaragua. The waves were fun today so check out what we got!

Some fun action down at the beach today. It wasn’t pumping but it was in that mid range “fun and sorta playful” range.

And the rights were plentiful!!!

It’s a tricky balance on that peak because the rights can be fast freight trains so you want to high line it but getting deeper is the ultimate goal. Still a fun spot that keeps you coming back for more!!

Although, local Scott Wallach always seems to find some tube time on his front hand.

Anytime I see a picture perfect bottom turn, I get excited for what’s next…

Schwacckkkk!! Take that to the KS wave pool this weekend!

Changing gears for a quick minute, I want to fill you all in on the upcoming event. Long story short, we want a clinic in our neighborhood so some residents organized a fundraising tournament. Click this link to 1. see more info but more importantly 2. sign up (and 3. no stealing my raffle prizes!!!).

Lesther ripped a few waves directly in front of the volleyball court. Let's get him out of the water and see what he can do on land!!

Today was all about the rights; however, some fun lefts came through.

Speaking of fun, or funny, or not even really funny, this was an exciting wave to watch.

Do you believe in karma? Playa Colorado believes in karma.

Outside of the surf, it was a gorgeous morning! Clear skies, warm temperatures, and a slight breeze. The rain is on its way so Los Perros will look a little more green soon enough!

Plenty of green to be found in the green room just out front.

Steve Snider slipped out for an easy Sunday morning. He’s a local legend and pioneer of Hacienda Iguana so make sure he gets a wave or two!

Chucoyo is another well respected local. Though, I can’t figure out which I like more: his finishing air or the guy finding the tube behind him.

Alright everybody, we appreciate y’all checking out today’s shots. Have a good rest of the weekend and we hope you have a good start to the week! Stay tuned to see more fun sized surf like this. Gracias amigos!!