Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, May 06, 2017

Hola everybody and happy weekend! Welcome to the Saturday surf report for Nicaragua. This is Parker checking in with some morning shots so check them out!

In case you’re wondering, no. No, it doesn’t seem like it ever stops barreling here. They just keep coming!!

Maybe that’s why Lesther Espinoza calls this place home and paradise. He always finds a beautiful cylinder.

Lesther, I agree with you bro, I think this place is paradise also... Especially when I'm on the NSR Beach House patio taking photos with friends, music, and good waves coming through.

Yes, there were definitely barrels to be had but there were just as many rippable sections. Keep scrolling down to the next photo.

Yeah Mateo!! He does well in a tube AND on a rail!

The northern end of the beach featured a couple drainers. They were fast, shallow, and hollow… just the way we like them.

And the spit to send you out and into the crowd’s applause.

Some of those rights are steep and tricky… But you have to go and try for yourself!!

Gavin Noble has been a super cool guest hanging out in the Casita Rio. Him and David have been scoring boats, surfing plenty out front, and doing the occasional “work from remote.” Not a bad vacation, huh guys?

The morning session wasn’t too crowded (thanks to Sidebar’s epic Cinco de Mayo party last night) but I’m sure this guy thought it was a little crowded.

But, he made the best of the situation. Though he got burned by the long boarder, he still unleashed a vicious rail game. Props to you amigo (but not the long boarder)!

Laidback Lou Bob was on it early today. He positioned himself well to pick off a few elusive left gems. When are we going to surf that wedge, Louie???

Now that the swell is starting to drop, there is a good balance of peaks and long lines. I saw three peaks working but this was the most consistent. Next week should show some big but short period swell, which is unusual for us. I’m excited to see how many peaks we will have then!

Mateo snagged one of the lefts that crept through. The waves were consistently shoulder high but this set falls somewhere in the overhead range. We’ve had sets in that overhead region for about a week now but nobody is complaining.

Lesther took off on the next one and showed a flawless cutback. Speed, power, flow, and style.

Maybe he’s gotten so barreled this past week that he just wants to make turns now? Regardless, he’s been surfing well in every aspect.

While the surfers are out shredding and burning some calories, let’s talk about dinner. At Casa Ananas tonight, Tati will be making her famous delicious pizza (yeah, it’s good!). If you’re feeling some nachos or BBQ ribs, check out Casa Maderas next door. Both are great options for a good meal tonight!

Ok enough about food… back to getting barreled!!!

Mike runs a surf camp near Gigante and always comes for a surf here. He’s a super nice guy with a wicked beard so say hey to him in the line up!

I think I know where I'm going to be for the rest of the afternoon. The tide is dropping so hopefully some thick ones will march through.

This is one of my favorite photos from the morning. Maybe it’s the pretty wave or it’s the pretty girl, but I dig them both! Ok damas and caballeros, have a good weekend guys. Thank you for making some time to check out today’s shots. See you in the water amigos!!