Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, May 05, 2016

Hello primos and welcome back to the NSR surf report! This is Parker updating you on today's shots. Take a few and check them out!!

The surf conditions stayed similar to yesterday and will be the same until the swell next week. In the meantime, enjoy sets of shoulder high and chest high in betweeners!

Oscar Espinoza wanted a piece of today's action. After destroying the wave's face, I don't know if the wave wanted him anymore...

Today was filled with many turns, cutbacks, and a few hacks. Rafa was testing the rails of his new Tomos before he leaves this weekend.

The winds were super light this morning and are likely to turn onshore (but softly) this afternoon. However, one unknown surfer found a tube!

Onshore winds are desperately needed for the locals. The fields and wells are dry and the fishermen are ready for a big season. When the wind flips onshore, take advantage and go fishing!

Or, if you're a buck twenty and rip, practice your airs. Oscar said he wanted to show off his beautiful new board and stickers for the camera.

His brother, Lesther, was popping a couple off down the beach. If this guy can't get barreled, expect to see him flying through sections.

Which was better??? The larger launch from Oscar that turned into a cannonball or Lesther perfectly sticking a basic air???

While it's rainy, the clouds are grey. On the other hand, the water has a gorgeous clear blue tint.

William Jordan is in town for his fourth visit. It's always a tradition to get this stud on the report and watch him catch cobia!

Even when the conditions or barrels aren't epic, there is always a section waiting for you. Head out towards high tide today to find more playful rollers.

Ok damas and caballeros, thank you for checking out today's report! It will probably rain later so stay safe driving. Also, the forecasts show the offshore winds returning this weekend! Buen dia y hasta luego amigos!