Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, May 05, 2013

Hola amigos, this is the NSR Family with the second day of the contest at Playa Maderas.  The conditions were nice and fun, waves were running about chest to shoulder high on the bigger sets, winds were nice offshore and the water was great.  Check out the lineup!

The waves were super fun and rippable and all the kids were shredding all over.  Looking good, uh!

A couple of guys from Chinandega have been dominitaing the 18 years division.  Alex Alvarado with a sick maneuver.

Mr Jackson Obando from Gigante was killing it on every heat he surfed.  Going big with a sick backside aerail!

Kevin was also shredding big time.  Sick slashy on his frontside!

Issac from Chinandega did pretty well though the Open division making it all the way to the finals.  Nice little floater on this section.

Lots of people made it to the beach and they all had a blast.  Enjoying the show!

We had lots of cute chicks as well, taking advantage of the sunny day we had.  Welcome to Nicaragua everyone!

The longboarders put up a got show together.  Mr Estrella deep in the flats with a sick bottom turn.

La Gaviota Chamorro was putting lot of power on his backside snaps but he was also doing good on his frontside.  Way to go amigo!

Sean came down from Veracruz and his objetive was to take the tittle back home.  He added enough maneuvers to every round and he make it to the finals.  And you can see why he made it!

Clase hambre maje.  Axel was so hungry, but not of the surf, he killed the chicken wings all day long!

Corage was a little nervous because Chulin was having the best day ever in the longboards round.  So, he needed some luck to get good waves and do what he does best.

Corage did it again, making some sick hang-fives, and shredding some nice waves.  Yeahhhh Corage!

Rex La Bestia Calderon was doing his best to win the tittle but it looks like this super man wasn't enough.  Sick one dude!

Lets take it to the podiun now.  The girls were commanded by:

1  Dunia Burgos

2  Liz Harth

3 Hanna Barnes

4 Christen Smith


1 Jose El Corage Espinoza

2 Norwin Estrella

3 Mario Velez

4 Javier Valdobinos

Juniors under 16 years old:

1 Jackson Obando

2 Juan Lopez

3 Kevin Cortez

4 Oscar Espinoza

Juniors (18 years old)

1 Alex Alvarado

2 Juan Calderon

3 Wilbert Victor

4 Candido Quedo


And the main event was for:

1 Sean Pearson

2 Augusto Chamorro

3 Rex Calderon

4 Issac Rodriguez

We would like to thanks everyone who make this possible.  Thanks ASSUR for organizing this great event, everything was so tight and well directed by Dexter Ramirez president of ASSUR.  Thanks to all the sponsors and we hope that everybody keep supporting the local contests and help us to improve our level of competition to put Nicaragua in the surfing map.  We want to invite everyone to the next date of the national surf circuit, it is going to have place at Playa Santana, next May 18th and 19th (2 weekend from now).  See you all there!