Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, May 04, 2015

Hello this is Armando Lopez with the surf report. The last few days we were waiting for one of the big swell of this year. The espectations were high and the spot we were surfing is the most challenge waves and heavy of all central America, if I am wrong please let me know. I am post all the action of the last two days. I was taking photos from the best boat and the best capitam in the zone. The Va Pue and cap. Moss and his tripulation Jeff, Kevin, Donde X, Davin, Trin. All the S.U.B.U. Crew. Was two amazing days, so I want you know what is Nicaragua heavy wave. We will have the ISA Open the next month so enjoying!!!! I was tired of only take the photos, so I deside go for some waves, but exatly in the moment I sit down in the inside for catch the first wave. The bigger set in all the swell come in front me and check. i am the firts one in the top. HAHHAHHAHA.

Were strong waves and big walls overther!!!

We see a lot of are friend charlling the waves of his life.

Some TUBASOS!!!! Barrels!!!!

Check this one.

Going deep!!!!

Sick barrel for this boogie boarding.

he disappeared

This wave was so narly. He come out after a few meters inside the barrel.

It was incredible. Nobody thought he could get out of that wave.

I hope he sees this photo and you contact me.

Here is the S.U.B.U. Crew study the conditions of the waves.

They were more than six thousand photos in two days and believe me everyone has perfect waves captured.

My brother the Monkey " Oliver Solis was charlling.

But I fell off a wave and kiss the reef. Poor Monkey lost a tooth.

This wave brought more than four hundred waves like this. I think it's one of the most perfect and seen, but it was very tough.

The wind changes a little but it was not so bad.

Observed the beast of the waves in Nicaragua.

The medium size waves were good and some super clean.

Some sets were good, have waves with nice ramps. Others were pure wall.

This is another set. The sets come every ten minutes and come in group of two to five waves.

The third section was sick too. Observed this wave.

Not the least dangerous. You know what is the easiest part ??? None. This wave is not friendly.

But is make able.

Don't see the boogie boarder. check my friend oliver almost taken for this wave.

Like thi sone of Trin. The superman. He lieve tomorrow morning to the State, but he is happy for this sick wave.Drop in time. This man not have a fear of nothing.

Turn down the lip of the wave. Unbelievable.

The curtain will grazed the hair. It was a waterfall falling within a centimeter of his cavesa.


But continues under the roof of that building.

The barrels rolling for meters and check how perfect is the chape of this wave. Nicaragua have almost every kind of wave.

This peak is like the envelope.

The speed with which all this water moved makes waves quite open. This guy wanted to escape this wave and she reached him almost four meters away.

This friend he was a bit wrong. Here everything bad move is paid hard.

These were the smaller and friendlier.

People in the lineup were dodging this beast. The power of this wave is heard one kilometer along.

There were people in the second section had their moment of adrenaline.

In the most critical waves, the bottom turn were the factor for all the crew on the beach were screaming.

But nothing can save this guy of this wave.

This man is safe from the fall of that elevator.

Take note of the direction of the swell. It's one of the good angles.

We can not win an XXL, but we have the heaviest wave of all Cento America. Only Mexico and Chile can compete with us.

It's a little bratty.

Only this surfer here has the power to tame. Saven who it is?

Is Manuel Resano. Father of girls champions national surfing circuit. Super good person and very humilde went he get their achievements. As being the most respected surfers in this country. For you believe. Check the instagram photo in Surfline, where he is in the second photo  with Mark Haley this day. I take the photo.

 I don't know what this man is seeing or thinking. But one thing I am sure that the he never saw something like this in your life.

Know just check the action.

Can you see Batman in this wave?

try to see the blue helmet.

Is my buddy Davin from Florida.

Ok. Amigos was a long day, but I want to made sure your do not miss anything of this swell. See you tomorrow. I hope you enjoy this album of photos. Adios amigos.