Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, May 03, 2015

Hi there, this is Lucha Libre Garcia with a quick post from down south.  The waves were super fun and there were definitely some nice bombas rolling in and the crowd was super light.  Check it out!!!

I took my pocket camera out and shoot a couple pics.  Gabriel was charging some nice ones.  Deep bottom turn!!!

It is not the best quality pic but we want to give you an idea how fun the waves were.  El Chulin Estrella paddled out and he packed some of the bigger sets.  Check out this little sequence!  Droppin' in!

Styling on his bottom turn!

Shot 3, taking the high line!!!

And staying there,,, well done Mechudo!

Alright amigos, this was only a quick post from down south.  Armando El Codo Lopez will be posting some serious stuff from outer reef Popoyo later tonight, so stay tuned.  Last shot goes to Gabriel on a solid double over head lefty,,, bye,,,bye!!!

Welcome to the late night Nicaragua Surf Report.  Codo spent all day, from 7:00am until 5:00pm, in the VA PUE sitting in the channel and taking killer photos.  Mucho thanks to Surfari Charters for that!  Anyway, we've got 3000 photos and there's no way for us to go through all of them in one night.  We are happy to share a small selection of them here.  More will be forthcoming soon...stay tuned.  We start things off with a buttery line-up shot.  Don't let the image fool you, this wave is MEAN.

David was charging hard and I'm sure we have some good pics of him getting pitted but we just had to show this one because it was one of the most epic wipeouts of the day.  Kids, this doesn't happen unless you CHARGE and David was doing that today.  Unfortunately, he got sucked over on this one.  Here he is taking one last breath of air and possibly saying a Hail Mary and an Our Father.

We don't know who this guy is but he nailed this wave and got one of the prettiest shots of the day.  Codo crushed it with the camera today, what do you think?  (If anybody knows this guy, we have a sick sequence of this wave, please let him know!)

Local legend Manuel Resano was charging as usual and nailed one of the best paddle waves we've seen out there.  Here he is, committing to the drop.  Keep in mind that the offshore winds look pretty in photos but they make it really hard to put yourself in the pit and drop off the ledge, often times while not being able to see.  Manny has done this a few times and has it dialed!

We are going to skip a couple of frames to Manny's bottom turn.  This thing was growling behind him and it took everything he had to bottom-turn under the lip. 

Kind of the same shot as before but now with Capt. Moss on the Jet Ski in the foreground anticipating what is about to happen on this wave.  How about that barrel behind Manny!

Here's the money shot!  Again, we skipped a few frames for time's sake but you can clearly see he's shacked on this one and driving through a man-sized cave.

Here's the last shot before he goes behind the shoulder, still shacked out of his gourd.  Capt. Moss is stoked and so are we.  Sick wave Sr. Resano!!! Yeeewww!!!!

Manny has a brother who they call "Cabeza"...and yes, he charges too.  Here he is committing to a drop.  Unfortunately, he didn't make this one but we always love to see guys charge out there.

Surfari Charger Capt. Moss was putting on a SUBU clinic out there with tow partner Trin.  Even when you pick the right one, this wave is not easy to make and Capt. Moss always seems to thread his way though the deepest, darkest tubes.  Again, big thanks to Lance and Surfari Charters for letting Codo take photos from the boat today.  Lots more on the way once we have a chance to go through them!

OK, it's late and we are exhausted so this is the last photo from today.  It's supposed to be big again tomorrow so stay tuned for more sick pics on NSR.  Night Night!