Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, April 27, 2014

Yewwww, another day of great surfing down here in Nicaragua.  Yes friends, we woke up early and this is what we found right out front.  Overhead waves on the bigger sets, nice offshore winds, killer water temperature and almost empty lineup.  Check it out!!!

If you are a goofy footer, this point got your name on it.  There was waves for every kind of surfer today.

The in between ones were super nice and mellow.  As you can see no takers around!

Well, we disposed  part of our day to go check out a nice spot, and this is what we found.  It wasn't really that big but there were definitely a lot of fun ones rolling in.

Mike Cabeza Blanca got on it and he scored right away.  Looking down the line on his drop!

Kevin was having a blast at this spot.  Cover shot Perro Blanco!

Gino loves point breaks and he knows how to ride them.  He took a couple of nice ones all the way in to the beach today.

We made it back to our backyard and the waves were going off.  Chris with the closed-up shot of the day.

Tony ZZZZZ Flor de Cana scored a few of the better sets we had out there.  Solid size on this one!

A couple of shots later Tony pulled into the sick barrel section.  Kinda deep, uhhh Tony???

The morning action was pretty good too and a couple of locals were on it.  Here is caught one of them, charging!

The rights were totally dominating the lineup today.  Some gnarly ones rolled through and this guy went for them.

Mateito is caught here with a quick little covered.  Setting up!

Pulling in deep!


And out.  Cool little barrel dude!

Mr Gardner showed up and he blow it up.  So comfortable on his backhand!

Mr Piña just second away from the glory.  Pull into that thing Gary!

Definitely the rights were holding up better but there were also some sweet left handers to score.  Mark from Miami, reading and looking for the barrel section.

Brand new papa got some time off and he immediately got out and got some tube time.  Sick one chabalo!

El Codo Lopez was looking for some big caves but he could get some of the bigger ones.  Here he is caught chilling on a decent one.

The inside section was opening up very well too.  Check out this unknown rider with probably the shot of his trip.

Pancho Sanchez got a little late to the action but he was still able to score some fun ones.  Holding the rail on another sick wave. 

Simoncito just got back into town and we have to say that he almost die because he was out of the water for so much time.  This is what we call a real snow-ball.  Thatwasgoingtobeasickoneamigooooooooo!!!

The swell is dropping a little bit for tomorrow but there should still plenty of size to score some sick ones.  Stick around with us.