Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, April 27, 2009

Welcome everybody to our Monday surf report.  Here we have Jairo “Come Pan” Panic and Roberto “Lucha Libre” Garcia showing you all the surf action for today.  This morning we woke up super early and drove up north to score some great waves.  The waves were small but there were some fun sets coming through, the wind was offshore all day and the water was a little bit chilly.  Check it out.

Today we got hired by a group of nice guys from San Diego California who made the right call with us to take a bunch of killer shots and make their surf trip a good moment to remember for ever.  For the first surf shot of this group we have Ted “El Peresoso” setting up to get into a tight but nice little shack.

The waves were really funnier than we thought.  Everyone had a great time in the water today.  They were sharing plenty of good waves, for the second surf shot we caught Kevin with a nice off the top on this right.

Jairo decided to take the water camera and get some sick barrel shots as always.  Definitely he took a bunch of killer shots of these guys.  Here he caught this water shot of Don getting into the green room.  That was awesome my friend!!!

This is Matt “The Buzz” with this cool bottom turn on this beautiful wave.  Do you guys recognize the white house on the beach?  That’s the NSR Beach House folks, right in front of this killer spot.

Dave was super stoked of the beautiful weather and he was taking advantage of it.  Here he is hitting this wave with a nice cut back.  That was good way to have a great time down here my friend.

Here we have a local kid who was representing the local crew in the water.  Here he is taking off on this nice looking left.

Tony decided to put the camera away for a couple hours and grabbed his board out to get some fun waves.   Check out how much he is enjoying this break.  We are glad to see you in the water today my friend.

The lineup was not crowded at all this morning. There were only a couple of international surfers catching every type of waves.  Check out "El Chino Gigante" taking off one of the better rights of the day. 

We also had some longboarders in the lineup.  They were taking some good rides all the way in to the beach on the big panga.   Check out this lucky guy catching this nice right.  Hey my friend we hope to see you out tomorrow because the waves are supposed to be a little bit better.  Please check back tomorrow.