Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, April 24, 2021

Welcome back to the Saturday surf report from Nicaragua. We still have some nice swell in the water and a handful of hungry surfers that keep eating up these tasty waves. Come take a look at some of today's brunch time action.

There were some rights sprinkled in but mainly it was the left again today that was doing it's thing. This guy locked in one of the few rights.

Like I said it was the lefts that had the juice for the squeeze. They were running a bit fast while I was down there but nonetheless it looked super fun nad there were a handful of makes too.

Example 1 - Beautiful waves and this guy is gonna end up with multiple angles of this wave too with Rick out there shooting from the water.

The size looks to be dipping down a tad for a couple days before ramping back up with swell reinforcements.

Although the forecast also was kinda off on when and how strong this last swell would be so who really knows.. here you gotta stay ready cause the window will appear and you gotta be there.

Big Scott out here charging in his backyard surf spot like normal when the waves are stellar like this.

Too Deep?.. think again, Mark made it out of this one along with some other gems too.

Such a fun wave if you like getting barreled this beach break is the spot for you.

Sometimes you gotta just jump on the party bus and take a ride with your buddy and see where you end up.

You and your buddy can watch out for each other at the party.. If you end up getting wasted he might be the one to help you home... (the moment before the hammer drops)

Wave of the morning!! Mark on this mack truck charging down the freeway.

Driving through this thing like a Porsche in a tunnel speed and handling on point. Rick in the spot to catch the shot and I'm guessing this one will be a keeper. What a sick wave and a nice ride. Could've been your wave too if you were here.. Book your trip! Pull the trigger, what ya waiting for? Alright alright enough of my persuasive writing haha we like empty lineups don't come! Is my reverse psychology working?! Love you all, hope you have an amazing weekend and hope to see you out and about here in paradise soon.